Our Projects

People who know Essaouira will tell you how full of cats its streets are: up to 3000 according to one recent estimate. But so many of them are just skin-and-bone -starving, injured, disease-ridden, even maltreated. It's a growing problem, as the birth rate rises and cats continue to infect each other, resulting in a wretched existence that demands remedial action. Our goal is to set up a permanent shelter for homeless cats and kittens. Then, we want to encourage the adoption of neutered, vaccinated animals. We wish to raise inhabitants' awareness of cats' needs, including the establishment of educational workshops for schoolchildren. For centuries, the cat community has protected Essaouira against disease by eradicating its rodents - offsetting, for example, the threat of a cholera epidemic. Time, then, to repay them. For all this, we need your support and contributions. Friends of Cat Essaouira will be kept up to date on progress through quarterly online newsletters. Immediate aims include: feeding the most malnourished, providing appropriate medical treatment, neutering females and finding homes for needy animals.

Last Projects


We also expect the campaign in schools for education and awareness, so that the younger generation understands the importance of the protection of animals abandoned and most of the homeless animals .....

Veterinary clinic

: We wish to set up a clinic that will provide regular neutering until the problem is under control, as well as offering preventative vaccination and treatment of disease and injury.


For the moment, we are using an old house in the medina (nicknamed the Cats' Kindergarten) as temporary emergency shelter for abandoned kittens who would otherwise face suffering and death. But we aim to set up a permanent refuge for homeless cats and kittens, a base from which homes can be sought for neutered, vaccinated animals.